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Union Contributors to the Herald Magazine - April 2017

29 May 2017


The Presbyterian Herald, the offical magazine of the PCI which is published ten times a year and has a readership of over 25,000, saw two contributors in the April 2017 edition from Union Theological College.

Professor Laurence Kirkpatrick, a Professor of Church History, tells the fascinating story of Very Rev. James Davey, a former Moderator and Principal of Union College, who was accused in the 1920s of five counts of heresy; as more research is carried out on his life, Professor Kirkpatrick appeals for more information on the Cambridge student.

Professor Kirkpatrick writes: "Rarely, if ever, has any individual Irish Presbyterian minister engendered such odium and adulation in such equal intensity as Rev. James Ernest Davey."

"Remembered principally as the man who survived a heresy trial in Belfast, he clearly merits fuller investigation and I would appeal for anyone who may possess other relevant artefacts or knowledge of Ernest Davey that they might please contact me at the college in order to explore the potential of adding to this new research project," says Professor Kirkpatrick as he appeals for information.

The second Union contributor to the Herald this month is Rev Dr Martyn Cowan who writes about the remarkable story of Katharina von Bora, the wife of  Martin Luther during the Reformation.

Dr Cowan, who describes the marriage between Martin and Katharina as "one of the most powerful and provactive symbols of the revolution," describes Katharina's journey from birth into nobility in 1499 to death in 1550.

"My sorrow is so deep that no words can express my heartbreak, and it is humanly impossible to understand what state of mind and spirit I am in . . . I can neither eat nor drink, not even sleep . . . God knows that when I think of having lost him, I can neither talk nor write in all my suffering," writes Katharina on the death of Martin.

Dr Cowan also writes about the importance of the marriage in regards to a transformation in Christian ethics: "This marriage between a former monk and a runaway nun helped change the way that many Christians thought about not only marriage, but also the nature of Christian discipleship.

"The medival church had drawn a sharp distinction between the secular and the spirtual. Furthermore, singleness and celibacy were viewed as ways of reaching a higher state of spirtuality.

"In this remarkable transformation of ethics, Katharina stands alongside her husband as a mother of the Revolution."

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