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Why Choose Union?


Each year there is a National Student Survey taken across all UK universities. This is what Theology students at Queen's said last year about their studies at Union College:

  • 100% said that that the course provided opportunities to explore ideas or concepts in depth

  • 100% said that staff are good at explaining things

  • 100% said that Library resources supported their learning well

  • 94% said that the course is well-organised and runs smoothly


Undergraduate courses in Theology are taught in Union College.

Module choice. An undergraduate degree consists of 18 modules. Union offers a total of 38 modules, representing a huge choice and many options for our students.

Library. The Gamble Library at Union is the best theological library in Northern Ireland. It contains over 63,000 books, more than 20,000 pamphlets, taking 55 theological periodicals annually, plus several online resources.

Faculty. We have a faculty of 5 full-time professors, a Senior Lecturer and Lecturer in Biblical Studies, and a Lecturer in Historical Theology plus several part-time lecturers and staff, offering a wide range of specialist expertise. Both Assistant Directors in the Institute of Theology and Subject Board chairmen are members of the Union College faculty.

Location. We are situated beside the main Queen's campus, only 100 yards from the main university library. This is especially important for students taking modules which are taught on the main Queen's campus.

Success. In the past year, 100% of undergraduate and postgraduate Theology scholarships have been won by Union Students

If you want to look around Union, or talk to someone, contact us on 028 9020 5080 or email  It would be great to meet you!