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Getting Started

Applicants for the ministry of PCI must be able to show that they have suitable gifts and aptitudes for ministry. This is normally demonstrated by a proven track record of involvement in their local church and in other areas of Christian work.

In addition to this, the Council for Training in Ministry has developed two courses to help potential applicants to determine their suitability for ministry. These are Handling the Word and the Accredited Preachers Course which are offered at various times and in different locations. Details of upcoming courses can be found here (Handling the Word) and here (Accredited Preachers Course).

Since 2016, successful completion of the Accredited Preachers Course has been a prerequisite for acceptance as a student for the ministry of PCI.

The application process also involves a part-time placement in a congregation so that some assessment can be made of an applicant’s gifts and abilities.

Application to Handling the Word, the Accredited Preachers Course, and Ordained Ministry is open to both male and female applicants on the same basis.

APC Information: If you require additonal information regarding the Accredited Preachers Course, please email

HtW Information: If you require additonal information regarding the Handling the Word Course, please email Tom Finnegan on