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Year 1

 First Year

First Year Course Units

Subject Semester Ministry Pathway Requirement Corresponding BD Module
OT 1 OTA Old Testament Introduction Old Testament Introduction (1001)
CH 1 CHA Early Church History Early Church History (1031)
PT 1 PTA Introduction to Practical Theology Introduction to Pastoral Theology (1043)
OT/NT 1 & 2 IBL Introduction to Biblical Languages Introduction to Biblical Languages (1046)
NT 2 NTA Introduction to Jesus and the Gospels Introduction to Jesus and the Gospels (1002)
ST 2 STA Introduction to Systematic Theology Introduction to Theological Thinking (1045)

 First Year Ministry Seminars and Workshops

Subject Semester Ministry Pathway Requirement
PT 1 PTF1020 Worship
PT  1 & 2 PTF1010
Homiletics 1
PT 1 & 2 * Ministry Formation Seminars x 2

First Year Summer Placement

PT       PTP-1 Summer Placement

*   The Ministry Formation Seminars are offered on a "rolling" pattern of one in each semester over 3 years and no seminar is a pre-requisite for another.

      Ministry Formation Seminar 1: Presbyterian Polity and Practice

      Ministry Formation Seminar 2: The Missional Church

      Ministry Formation Seminar 3: Christian Education and Disciple-making

      Ministry Formation Seminar 4: Church and Ministry Leadership

      Ministry Formation Seminar 5: Integration Seminar

      Ministry Formation Seminar 6: Integration Seminar