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Year 2

Second Year

Second Year Course Units 

Subject Semester Ministry Pathway Requirement Corresponding BD Module
NT 1 NTB New Testament Epistles New Testament Epistles (2011)
NT Greek Texts (2027)
ST 1 STB Christian Doctrinal Tradition Christian Doctrinal Tradition (2039)
PT 1 PTB Theology and Practice of Pastoral Care Theology and Practice of Pastoral Care (2069)
OT 2 OTB Old Testament Selected Texts Old Testament Selected Texts (2001)
Biblical Hebrew Texts (2026)
Irish Church History Christianity in Ireland since the Reformation (2097)

Second Year Ministry Seminars and Workshops 

Subject Semester Ministry Pathway Requirement
ST  2 PTF2010 Westminster Confession of Faith 1
PT 1 and 2 PTF2020 Homiletics 2
PT 1 & 2 * Ministry Formation Seminars x 2
PT   PTP2 Second Year - Summer Placement

*     The Ministry Formation Seminars are offered on a "rolling" pattern of one in each semester over 3 years and no seminar is a pre-requisite for another.

        Ministry Formation Seminar 1: Presbyterian Polity and Practice

        Ministry Formation Seminar 2: The Missional Church

        Ministry Formation Seminar 3: Christian Education and Disciple -making

        Ministry Formation Seminar 4: Church and Ministry Leadership

        Ministry Formation Seminar 5: Integration Seminar

        Ministry Formation Seminar 6: Integration Seminar