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Introduction to Biblical Languages

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Introduction to Biblical Languages

  • Queens Module Code: THE1046


Year 1


1 & 2


This module takes place over the academic year with Hebrew being introduced in the first semester and Greek being taught in the second semester.

Hebrew: A study of basic Biblical Hebrew grammar and an introduction to reading basic Hebrew texts. By the end of the first semester students should have acquired a basic knowledge of Hebrew grammar and an ability to read simple narrative texts from the Hebrew Bible. This course also lays a foundation for future study of Hebrew.

Greek: This course provides an introduction to New Testament Greek and the use of software tools to engage with it. It is a study of basic New Testament Greek grammar and vocabulary and introduces the student to reading straightforward New Testament texts in Greek.


  • Class Tests
  • Two Class Projects - one in each language


LECTURE DAY & TIME: Sem 1: Greek W/S 1 Mon 2pm; Greek W/S 2 Mon 12 noon; Hebrew W/S 1 Thurs 12 noon; Hebrew W/S 2 Thurs 2pm.

TUTORIAL DAYS & TIMES: Sem 2: Greek L Mon 9am; Greek W/S 1 Tues 10am; Greek W/S 2 Tues 9am; Hebrew L Wed 12 noon; Hebrew W/S 1 Thurs 12 noon; Hebrew W/S 2 Thurs 2pm.

NOTE: This module runs over both semesters.