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Biblical Hebrew Texts

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Biblical Hebrew Texts

  • Union Module Code: BHT
  • Queens Module Code: THE2026


Year 2




In the Introduction to Biblical Languages module, you learned the basics of Hebrew grammar, together with reading some key Old Testament passages. The level-2 course, builds on this foundation. There is some revision and consolidation of Hebrew grammar and syntax and further practice in using software such as BibleWorks; but the main emphasis is on reading Hebrew texts and discovering how much richer our interpretation can be through coming to understand Old Testament passages in their original language.

In Deuteronomy 5-7 we read the very words of Yahweh as he speaks through Moses. The book of Ruth gives the satisfaction of having read a whole book in Hebrew, with many interpretative insights. Selections from the Psalms introduce the reader to the delight and the inspiration of Hebrew poetry.


  • Class project (20%)
  • Journal Essay on Deuteronomy (20%)
  • 2-hour Examination (60%) - involving both translation and comment. There will be a choice of questions

Learning Outcomes

Successful Students will consolidate their knowledge of Hebrew and be equipped to read and understand the Hebrew Bible (especially with the aid of computer programs such as BibleWorks). 

LECTURE DAY & TIME: Sem 1: L1 Thurs 9am; L2 Thurs 10am.

TUTORIAL DAYS & TIMES: Sem 2: L1 Tues 9am; L2 Tues 10am.

NOTE: This module runs over both semesters.