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Biblical Theology

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Biblical Theology

  • Union Module Code: BTheol
  • Queens Module Code: THE2008


Year 2




Biblical Theology is not for the faint-hearted. It is a demanding topic that requires students to engage with a wide range of issues. Can the Bible, as a library of books, be viewed as a single entity? Is this library unified in some way? Does it have an overall message? Or are there different views and opinions found in the Bible that mean you cannot treat it as a single entity? And if it is unified, what does it have to say? What are the central, unifying themes? Is there such a thing as one Biblical Theology? If there is, what form should it take? How can we best describe it?

To understand something of the complexity of these issues, the module begins by exploring how the Bible may be approached through a number of major themes. These include:

  • Creation and re-creation
  • Divine presence (Eden; Tabernacle; Temple; Church; New Jerusalem)
  • Messiah
  • Covenant

Consideration will be given to the relationship between the OT and the NT. This will be developed with special reference to the book of Hebrews.

A further strand to the module explores how Biblical Theology has been studied from the late 18th century onwards. This introduces a variety of ways in which scholars have sought to articulate the overall message of the Bible and its relevance for contemporary society.

The module consists of 30 hours of class spread over 10 weeks or so, with a mixture of lectures and seminars.

The assessment is by an examination (60%) and a 2,000 word assignment (40%).

LECTURE DAY & TIME: L1 Mon 9am; L2 Mon 10am; L3 Wed 9am.

TUTORIAL DAYS & TIMES: There are no tutorial days on this module.

NOTE: This module runs in the Spring Semester.