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Christian Doctrinal Tradition

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Christian Doctrinal Tradition

  • Union Module Code: CDT
  • Queens Module Code: THE2039


Year 2




This module is taught by Rev Dr Martyn Cowan, Lecturer in Historical Theology.

The task of Christian theology is on-going, but it is rooted in the Christian tradition, because we are where we are in relation to that tradition and we are part of a church that extends back through the centuries. We should not be uncritical of the tradition; that would spell the death of Christian theology. Our aim is to think for our time. But we need to understand that tradition in order to understand our task properly.

Under the title ‘The Christian Doctrinal Tradition’, we attempt the constructive task of Christian theology today within a broad knowledge of that tradition. We shall discover what others have thought and why. We shall try to work out what we think and why. Our objective is to fuse two worlds: the world of the Christian doctrinal tradition and our world today. We are not interested just in repeating what people have said in the past. We are interested in getting at the meaning and the point of Christian doctrine in the present; how it hooks up with experience; how it makes sense in today’s world. The gulf between Christian doctrine and contemporary culture is immense. Our aim is to do something to bridge that gulf.

Building on the level-1 Introduction to Theological Thinking, we approach a variety of topics: God, creation, humanity, salvation, the Spirit and eschatology, for example.


  • 1,500 word review article (30%)
  • A short oral test to assess knowledge and understanding of a specified number of technical terms from the Christian doctrinal tradition (10%)
  • 2,000 word written essay (60%)

LECTURE DAY & TIME: L1 Tues 9am - 11am.

TUTORIAL DAYS & TIMES: Wednesday or Thursday at noon.