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Christianity in Ireland since the Reformation

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Christianity in Ireland since the Reformation

  • Union Module Code: CIR
  • Queens Module Code: THE2097


Year 2




Irish History is a labyrinth of war and bloodshed, plot and reprisal, pain and suffering – all fuelled with religious energy. 

In this module we examine aspects of Irish history from the failure of the Protestant Reformation in Ireland to the present day. Topics include: The Ulster Plantation, the 1641 Uprising, Cromwell in Ireland, William III, the Penal Legislation, Protestant, Dissenter and Catholic perspectives, The United Irishmen, Emigration, Famine, Presbyterian Subscription controversies, the 1859 Revival, Disestablishment of the Church of Ireland, the Home Rule Movement, Inter-Church relations. All church history topics are explored within a wider political, economic and social context. 

Intensive Format

All topics are explored in an intensive 4 day overview programme (20 hours) in week two.   A one hour seminar will also be timetabled (weeks 2-9).

Queen's Online 

Reading material and resources will be available to students.

Efficient student/tutor email queries will also be maintained.

Assignments can be electronically submitted.


The module is assessed by two assignment as follows:

Assignment 1 - 3,000 words on your selected topic – submission in week 6 (worth 50%).

Assignment 2 - 3,000 words book review – submission in week 11 (worth 50%).


Assignments will be marked and returned electronically via Queen’s Online.

LECTURE DAY & TIME: Intensive in Wk 1.


NOTE: This module runs in the Spring Semester