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Church History Project

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Church History Project

  • Union Module Code: ChHP
  • Queens Module Code: THE2090


Year 2




This history fieldtrip module focuses upon important sites in The Boyne Valley.

The Fieldtrip

The full day fieldtrip will take place on Friday, 30 September 2016 (in Week 1).  We will travel by minibus from College to visit the following sites: Newgrange, the Boyne battlefield, Drogheda town and the high crosses at Monasterboice. Students will participate in the fieldtrip, individually research a selected topic and produce a reflective journal on their fieldtrip experience. 

Learning Experience

All topics are explored by personally guided research.

Queen's Online

Reading material and resources will be available to students.

Efficient student/tutor email queries will also be maintained.

Assignments will be electronically submitted and marked.


Students are required to write a total of 6,000 words for assessment. This will consist of a 2,000 word reflective journal on the fieldtrip (by Week 3) and a 4,000 word assignment on a pre-approved topic (by Week 10). This is NO EXAMINATION with this module.

Assignment options:

The 4,000 word assignment will be on one of the following topics;

  1. What does the megalithic site at Newgrange tell us about the beliefs of the people who constructed it?
  2. With special reference to EITHER Oliver Cromwell OR Oliver Plunkett, explore the historical significance of Drogheda in Irish Church History.
  3. Assess the contention that the Battle of the Boyne is the most seminal battle in Irish History.
  4. What do the high crosses at Monasterboice tell us about the early medieval Irish Church?


Assignments will be marked and returned electronically via Queen's Online.


The 2015 price was £25. This includes return transport and admissions.

LECTURE DAY & TIME: Not applicable.


NOTE: This module runs in the Autumn Semester.