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New Testament Greek

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New Testament Greek

  • Queens Module Code: THE 2027


Year 2




The New Testament was written in Koine Greek. The English text which we read is always a translation and adaptation. A good working knowledge of Greek is therefore of considerable benefit for translating and interpreting the New Testament correctly.

Who can take this module? The module is obligatory for BD students and optional for other students who have done IBL-Greek at level 1, building on that foundation. Students take the opportunity to study in detail texts selected from several Epistles – typically Romans, 1 Thessalonians and 1 John.

During the course students consolidate their grasp of Greek vocabulary, grammar and syntax and develop their proficiency in the use of BibleWorks computer software as an aid to linguistic analysis and exegesis.

Competence for reading the chosen texts is developed through lectures on key topics, while practice in applying knowledge of Greek to the translation and analysis of the texts is provided through weekly workshops. Throughout, students also become comfortable with exegetical resources for handling the Greek text and familiar with key developments in current understanding of ancient Greek (such as the importance of verbal aspect).


  • 2 class test (10 % each) - which help students set and meet targets for their language learning
  • 1,000 word Assignment (20%) - where tools of linguistic analysis are developed
  • 2-hour Examination (60%) - focused on the translation and analysis of passages from the set texts in Greek

Learning Outcomes

Successful students will develop their knowledge of NT Greek; acquire and practise skills for its translation, linguistic analysis and exegesis in set texts; gain a critical awareness of how issues of Greek usage affect and inform interpretation.

LECTURE DAY & TIME: Sem 1: L1 Mon 9am; L2 Mon 10am.

TUTORIAL DAYS & TIMES: Sem 2: L1 Thurs 9am; L2 Thurs 10am.

NOTE: This tutorial runs over both semesters.