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Old Testament Historical Books

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Old Testament Historical Books

  • Union Module Code: OTHB
  • Queens Module Code: THE2003


Year 2




The Old Testament Historical Books module focuses on one main section of the Old Testament – the historical books.

This is an opportunity to become thoroughly familiar with the history of the Israelite people as recorded in these books – from the “wild west” days of the Judges, through the heights of “empire” under King Solomon, to the tragic events of the fall and destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BCE.

Equally as important is to understand the theological message of these books as they present and interpret the historical events.

Scholars pose challenging questions which we must address, for example: Was Saul really a villain or was he more a victim of circumstance? Was Josiah’s reformation more to do with economics than with spiritual renewal?

 Above all, Christians will want to investigate how the story of Old Testament kingship paves the way for the “Kingship” of Christ.


  • 2,000 word Assignment (40%)
  • 2-hour Examination (60%) - two questions are to be attempted from a range of options

Learning Outcomes

Successful Students will acquire a detailed knowledge of a major portion of Old Testament history; develop their understanding of the relationship of literature, history, and theology; and come to understand how Old Testament scholarship can enlighten our understanding of the biblical text and its message. 

LECTURE DAY & TIME: L1 Mon 12 noon; L2 Mon 2pm; L3 Mon 3pm.

TUTORIAL DAYS AND TIMES: There are no tutorials on this module.

NOTE: This module runs in the Autumn Semester.