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Theology and Practice of Pastoral Care

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Theology and Practice of Pastoral Care

  • Union Module Code: TPPC
  • Queens Module Code: THE2069


Year 2




This module will introduce you to contemporary pastoral care. You will be encouraged to reflect theologically on pastoral care offered in different contexts and to develop some understanding of the practice of pastoral care that will enable you to offer appropriate pastoral care both formally and informally. The course begins with an over-view of the recent development of the discipline, leading to a review of some important definitions of pastoral care. This is followed by a review of the biblical concepts which inform the theology and practice of pastoral care and some consideration of the roles of worship and evangelism in pastoral care. We then look at a narrative approach to pastoral care as an approach that forms an appropriate bridge between Scripture and contemporary human experience. Finally we investigate pastoral care in the context of physical illness, family relationships and addiction, informed by visits from current practitioners.


The course is assessed by journal (60%) and essay (40%).

Learning Outcomes

Students should acquire an understanding of the nature and practice of pastoral care and should be equipped to both reflect upon and offer pastoral care. 

Skills: Students should acquire skills in producing and presenting well-argued, reflective written work. You will also improve your oral communication skills, listening skills and skills of reflective journaling. You should develop your ability to assess and reflect on pastoral care from your own experience, the practice of others and relevant literature.

Weekly tutorials provide opportunities to explore further topics that have been raised in lectures. In particular, they will allow students to ask questions that they may not have had the opportunity to ask during lectures. 

LECTURE DAY AND TIME: L1 Tues 12 noon; L2 Tues 2pm.

TUTORIAL DAYS AND TIMES: T1 Thurs 2pm; T2 Thurs 3pm; T3 Thurs 4pm.

NOTE: This module runs in the Autumn Semester