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Christianity in the 16th Century

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Christianity in the 16th Century

  • Union Module Code: 16cCH
  • Queens Module Code: THE3091


Year 3




This module provides an overview of the seismic events which transformed European religious and political thought in the 16th century. 

In this module we examine aspects of Reformation history from the state of the late 15th century Church to the settlement of the Scottish Reformation in 1560. The Church in the 15th century, Conciliarism, Humanism, Luther and the German Reformation, Zwingli/Calvin and the Swiss Reformation, The Radicals, the Catholic Reformation, The English Church, the Scottish Church, the Reformation in France, the Reformation in the Netherlands.

Learning Experience

All topics are explored in an initial weekly lecture – followed by a seminar based on further reading and encouraging class discussion. Workshops will be introduced in week 9.

Queen's Online

Reading material and resources will be available to students.

Efficient student/tutor email queries will also be maintained.

Assignments will be electronically submitted and marked.


There is no examination with this module.

The module is assessed by the following means:

  • Assignments - two 3,000-word assignments (each worth 40%). This will be a free choice by students of any two from seven topics.
  • Presentation - a group PowerPoint presentation on chosen text (worth 20%). Students will be arranged in groups of three and choose any one of 20 options for their presentation.


All feedback will be available electronically via Queen's Online.

LECTURE DAY & TIME: L1 Tues 9am; L2 Tues 10am.

TUTORIAL DAYS & TIMES: T1 Thurs 12 noon; T2 Thurs 2pm; T3 Thurs 3pm.

NOTE: This module runs in the Spring Semester.