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John's Gospel

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John's Gospel

  • Queens Module Code: THE3014


Year 3




Whatever its relation to the Synoptic Gospels, John’s Gospel’s special characteristics and challenges merit a course devoted to its interpretation.

This module will help students consolidate skills and tools for NT exegesis and theological appreciation. We will explore in depth the Fourth Gospel and the complex johannine world which opens up to its readers.  

The exciting new intensive JOHN module attracted record numbers of students (30+) in 2015. It was a very positive experience: staff and students experienced JOHN as never before. It is taught mostly (20 hours) in one week (week 2): your timetable and other Theology modules will accommodate this; for joint students, we also liaise with your other subject. In response to student feedback, assessed student presentations are an enhancement for 2016.

After some orientation, the intensive session (in week 2) will offer you a blend of interactive exegetical workshops on key texts, from the Prologue to the Passion (with the teaching team guiding your efforts at interpretation), and topical lectures on a range of major johannine themes and concerns. Some further contact hours and a self-study element will also reinforce your learning.


Assessment is threefold and there is no exam:

  • A class test (worth 40%) follows the intensive session and is based on it
  • Individual presentation of a text from John (worth 20%: 10% for delivery; 10% for your material)
  • A 3,000-word topical assignment (worth 40%)

Learning Outcomes 

Successful students can expect to develop presentational skills essential for today’s workplace; gain experience of intensive learning, the default mode for in-service training in working life; evolve skills for interpreting a complex narrative text in a joined-up way, taking account of its historical, literary and theological complexity and engaging critically with some recent specialised interpretation of John.


LECTURE DAY & TIME: Intensive in Week 2.


TUTORIAL DAYS & TIMES: Also: Thurs 9-11 am - Orientation/intro Wk 1; Test Wk 3; Assessment/Support Wks 4-5; Presentation Wk 7.


NOTE: This module runs in the Autumn Semester.