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Old Testament Prophetic Texts

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Old Testament Prophetic Texts

  • Union Module Code: OTPT
  • Queens Module Code: THE3009


Year 3




This is an entirely new module that will focus on the prophetic texts of the OT, giving particular attention to the book of Isaiah. Apart from Isaiah, the module will explore how the books of Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the minor prophets contribute to the theology of the Bible. These books will be considered primarily from both historical and literary perspectives.

The module consists of 30 hours of class spread over 10 weeks or so, with a mixture of lectures and seminars.


The assessment pattern for this module is (a) an article review of 500 words worth 10%; (b) a one-hour class test worth 30%; and (c) an essay of 4,000 words worth 60%.

Learning Outcomes

Students should learn to assess the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to the subject; should learn to assess and understand the main data about the subject; should know how to access the main books on the subject; should develop an exegetical understanding of these OT texts and of the interplay of theological, historical and literary perspectives in the analysis of texts.

In addition to this fairly ‘specialist’ type of knowledge, the module will also develop the following general intellectual skills: 

  • Analytical Thinking: the ability to identify, understand, interpret and evaluate relevant subject-specific arguments made by others; construct independent arguments;
  • Critical and Independent Thinking: the ability to think critically and construct one’s own position in relation to existing and ongoing debates in the field;
  • Communication Skills: the ability to communicate clearly with others, both orally and in writing;
  • Efficient and Effective Work Practice: demonstrate ability to work efficiently to deadlines for written work;
  • Clear Organisation of Information: show efficiency in the organisation of large amounts of complex information and the ability to identify, describe and analyse the key features of the information.

LECTURE DAY AND TIME: L1 Tues 9am; L2 Tues 10am; L3 Wed 10am.

TUTORIAL DAYS AND TIMES: There are no tutorials on this module.

NOTE: This module runs in the Autumn Semester.