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Reconciliation Studies

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Reconciliation Studies

  • Queens Module Code: THE3068


Year 3




The module aims to explore key local and worldwide affairs to create a fuller, more systemic understanding of the complex dynamics involved in reconciliation. It will consider the basic concepts, principles and models of reconciliation and their use in the resolution of specific ethnic conflicts. Continual deliberation will be given to the churches' and the Christian's role in the promotion of reconciliation highlighting both the necessities and difficulties involved. It seeks to emphasis the practical significance of these areas of knowledge, relating them where possible to real situations.



Assessment is by essay (40%), reflective report on field trip (20%) and group presentation (40%). 


Learning Outcomes 

Knowledge and understanding of the content of the module including: an awareness of varying approaches to reconciliation and peace-building; an ability to critically reflect on the dynamics of reconciliation in Northern Ireland and elsewhere; capacity to apply knowledge to evaluate and interpret the relevant concepts and models for use in practical situations; the means to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the churches’ role in promotion of reconciliation.


Transferable skills: analyse and present well-argued narrative material; explore, discuss and learn within a group setting; act independently and manage time effectively. Cognitive skills: produce relevant answers with supporting evidence; evaluate how issues are practically addressed; think independently.

Subject specific skills: awareness of the subjectivity of history and truth; exploration of the significance of past events; ability to consider the interplay of history, politics and religion; ability to learn to assimilate and critically evaluate approaches of the subject and to analyse and critically evaluate data about the subject.

LECTURE DAY & TIME: L1 Mon 12 noon; L2 Mon 2pm.

TUTORIAL DAYS & TIMES: T1 Mon 3pm; T2 Mon 4pm.

NOTE: This module runs in the Autumn Semester.