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Single Dissertation

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Single Dissertation

  • Queens Module Code: THE3071


Year 3


1 or 2


One of the choices available to students in their final UG year is a Dissertation: for fuller information, see the Dissertation Handbook on the Institute of Theology Sharepoint site.


The single-module Dissertation counts as the equivalent of one taught level-3 module. It may normally be taken in either first or second semester.


The module involves researching and writing a dissertation of 6,000 words, on a topic agreed in advance between the student and the lecturer who will supervise the work. The topic may be chosen within any one of the academic disciplines in Theology (Old Testament, New Testament, Systematic Theology, Church History or Practical Theology). Students will explore in depth their chosen area, benefitting from their supervisor’s expertise.


Students may expect to submit work electronically (via email or QOL), on target dates; to meet their supervisor regularly for review of submitted work and detailed feedback; and to communicate with their supervisor more informally, as necessary, via email. As the sole form of assessment for the module (100%), the 6,000-word dissertation is double-marked by a first marker and by the supervisor.


A dissertation is a product of the student’s own research, carried out under regular academic supervision and with a supervisor’s support and guidance. As a research module, it requires good writing skills and considerable personal discipline, motivation and effort in order to achieve success.


Students interested in this module should consult as early as possible with a potential supervisor in College before submitting a proposal in week 9: a finite number of dissertations will be accepted by any subject area or lecturer. Joint students who also intend enrolling for a dissertation in their joint subject should fully inform their College supervisor of their topic. In week 10 Faculty review students’ proposals, provisionally approve titles and inform students. In week 11 approved titles are forwarded to the Institute of Theology.


In week 12 Theology’s Education Committee meets and finalises a list of students able to enrol for this module. By week 1 of the semester of study, students submit to their supervisor a dissertation outline (based on their proposal) with word counts and target dates for main sections.