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The Church, Ministries and Society

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The Church, Ministries and Society

  • Union Module Code: CMS
  • Queens Module Code: THE3050


Year 3





To give an understanding of the nature of the church, both as a single spiritual entity and as a local community. To investigate a contemporary understanding of Christian ministry as a whole and, particularly, the relationship between ministry and the work of the clergy. To explore the multi-faceted relationship between the church and the environment in which it finds itself.


We begin by looking at some Biblical teaching on the nature of the church, followed by a selection of historical interpretations of this teaching. This is followed by considering the Church as a three dimensional entity with defining relationships: with God, in worship, with itself internally, in fellowship and with the rest of the world, in mission. We will spend about half of the course looking at the last of these three.



Assessment is by book review (20%), essay (40%) and group presentation (40%).


Learning Outcomes

Students should acquire an understanding of the nature of the Christian church and its relationship to the community of which it is a part as the church both reflects and critiques the wider community. You should be equipped to both make a contribution to the ongoing life of the church and offer an informed critique of ecclesiastical communities.


Students should acquire skills in producing and presenting well argued, reflective written work. You will also improve your communication skills and skills in research and reflective writing. You should develop the ability to reflect on your own experience, other experiences with which you are not familiar and how to appropriate relevant literature from different cultural contexts.

The course is delivered by lectures, tutorials and assigned readings. Weekly tutorials provide opportunities to explore in greater depth topics that have been raised in lectures and to prepare for the final examination.

LECTURE DAY & TIME: L1 Thurs 9am; L2 Thurs 10am

TUTORIAL DAYS & TIMES: Thurs 12 noon.

NOTE: This module runs in the Spring Semester.