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Trends in Modern Theology

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Trends in Modern Theology

  • Union Module Code: TMT
  • Queens Module Code: THE3043


Year 3




This module is principally concerned with the main developments in Protestant and Catholic theology during the 20th century but also examines the emerging trends of early 21st century thought. It will engage with theological movements, theologically significant events and influential individual theologians.

Summary of Content

The course will explore the literature and ideas of important modern theologians, followed by ‘subject-specific’ movements.  A general survey of the history of theology sets the scene for an understanding of the thought forms of modern theology.  While the theologians and trends to be studied vary a little from year to year Karl Barth, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, J├╝rgen Moltmann, Vatican II and Liberation Theology are amongst the people or themes treated.  Our aim is both descriptive and critical, both to understand modern theology and to understand its relationship to the theological tradition.


Two written assignments of 3,000 words - one on a modern theologian (50%) and one on a theme from mdoern theology (50%)


Learning Outcomes                                                                                              

Successful students should learn to survey and critically evaluate the main writings and controversies presented in modern Christian theology; engage in depth with theological views from traditions other than their own; distinguish between different schools of thought; appreciate the complex processes of development in the history of doctrine; understand the influence of philosophy upon much contemporary theological discourse. 

LECTURE DAY & TIME: L1 Thurs 2pm; L2 Thurs 3pm.

TUTORIAL DAYS & TIMES: T1 Thurs 12 noon; T2 Thurs 4pm.

NOTE: This module runs in the Autumn Semester.