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Youth Ministry 2

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Youth Ministry 2

  • Queens Module Code: THE3058


Year 3




This module will build on the foundations laid in Youth Ministry 1. You will be encouraged to reflect theologically on a variety of aspects of current youth ministry and to develop a deeper understanding of the practice of youth work that will enable you to offer appropriate ministry to adolescents both formally and informally. The module begins with an introductory over-view of the biblical and historical understanding of discipleship. We will then look in closer detail at a number of component parts of the discipling process. We will examine the nature and practice of mentoring. Students will also be taught about the nature and practice of teaching adolescents the Christian faith. Additionally, we will discuss the nature of spiritual practices and how they can be included in youth ministry practice. Subsequently, we will think about the needs of contemporary teenagers and how we can best offer pastoral care to them. We will then spend a number of lectures assessing the relationship of youth ministry to the church, before finishing the module by examining practical issues such as the nature of Christian leadership amongst young people, teamwork, and how to communicate well with adolescents.

Learning Outcomes

Students should acquire a deeper understanding of the nature and practice of youth ministry. Students should be equipped to both reflect upon and offer youth ministry.


Students should acquire skills in producing and presenting well-argued, reflective written work. They will also improve their oral communication skills and skills of reflective journaling. They should develop their ability to assess and reflect on youth ministry from their own experience, the practice of others and relevant literature.

Tutorials provide opportunities to explore further topics that have been raised in lectures. In particular, they will allow students to ask questions that they may not have had the opportunity to ask during lectures. Secondly, tutorials will give invaluable guidance for examination preparation.


The course is assessed by journal (40%), essay (20%) and group presentation (40%).

Diploma in Youth Ministry Students taking this module, who have completed the College’s Certificate in Youth Ministry are invited to enrol for Union College’s Diploma in Youth Ministry, which is also recognised for QUB’s Degree Plus programme.

LECTURE DAY & TIME: L1 Fri 9am; L2 Fri 10am.

TUTORIAL DAYS & TIMES: Tues 12 noon.

NOTE: This module runs in the Spring Semester.