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Undergraduate Module Assessment

In assessing a student's work, tutors within the College use a scale known as the "conceptual equivalents scale" when marking assignments and examination scripts. It encourages them to make full use of the full range of marks available to them and to provide guidance on the relationship between mark and performance. It also ensures that all tutors are using the same criteria.

Receiving comments made by tutors on your work is a vital part of your educational experience at Union. Assessments and comments are an invitation to reflect upon your strengths and weaknesses and they are designed to help you to improve your performance.

What your tutors say about your work may prompt you to have further questions. Your tutors are available to expand on comments made and to answer any questions you may have about your work. These discussions can save you valuable time and make you aware of important issues, as well as helping you to access the resources available to you in the College.