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Union College offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes as well as diplomas and certificates. Each programme of study is described under the relevant tabs on the left side of the screen.

Luke Whitehead ,Nottingham, U.K. BTh

I started studying Theology at Union Theological College in 2016, and I have not looked back. The City of Belfast is such a great place to study, everything is so close together and there is so much to explore within and outside the University experience.
The course is so diverse that I get to learn a wide range of topics. The structure of six modules a year gives diversity to the degree that you do not always get in other places. In the same semester, I am studying Ancient History, Modern Philosophy and the New Testament, which all interact together, giving me a wide knowledge base in which to interact with the Bible and theological issues.
What makes Union Theological College special for me is how different the experience of studying is. Every day at eleven o’clock lectures stop, and tea and coffee are served in the cafeteria. It is at this point that everyone within the school meets together to talk socially and meet new people. This is everyone from the lecturers and PhD students, to undergraduate and ministry students. You’re introduced to people from different year groups and nations. Ideas, studying tips, debates, and interests are discussed, and it fosters such a great atmosphere for studying, that you feel like you’re all studying theology together.
This makes our lecturers a lot more accessible, and it is evident from my experience that the lecturers here at Union care about our progress as students. They’re not merely academics who do a little teaching, they’re teachers with academic credentials with a global reach, who care about our academic progression and employment opportunities. I thoroughly recommend studying Theology here at Union Theological College. I have not looked back, and I don’t think you will either.


John Graham, Northern Ireland

“Studying at Union is fantastic. Thinking hard about theology, learning about church history, discussing the practical out-workings of faith, all done within a diverse, vibrate, loving community. I really do love the place.

This is my second degree and the amount of friends I’ve made this time round vastly out-weighs my first experience. Everyone at Union is extremely friendly and helpful, from the front desk, to the Professors, everyone at college wants you to succeed and genuinely cares about you. At Union you are loved and respected; you are not just another statistic.

I could not recommend coming to Union strongly enough. A rigorous theological training, exposure to a wide variety of thought, the opportunity to develop and learn work desirable skills; our College will give you an experience of third level education you will struggle to find anywhere else.  At Union you don’t just obtain a degree, you become part of a family. Our College offers a very unique experience of community that is often absent in large academic institutions. You will make friends, your mind will be stretched, and you will get a degree that carries currency across the world. Why would you not want to study at UTC?”