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A-Level Course

The GCE in Religious Studies is a recognised Access course for mature students to Theology degree studies at Queen's.

This one year intensive course offers students at Union the opportunity to...

  • study in an academic environment
  • learn under highly qualified lecturers
  • enjoy unparalleled study support
  • develop an interest and enthusiasm for a rigorous study of religion

At Union we, offer two study modules: The Gospel of Luke and The Early Church

For more information on the modules and for a course specification please see the CCEA website.

The next course commences on 3 September 2018 and will run until 10 June 2019. Classes are held each Monday evening from 6.00 - 9.00 pm. The AS and A2 examinations are taken in May/June 2019.

A-Level Course Fees

The Course Fees for 2018-19 are set at £315.
Examination Fees, set by CCEA, are additional (£10 per Certified Statement of Results).

Further Information

To find out more information about the A-level course or for an enrolment form click on the relevant link below.

A-level Enrolment Form




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