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Ordained Ministry: is it for me, am I for it? PCI videos that might help

Rev Dr David Allen

Rev Dr David Allen

Ordained Ministry: is it for me, am I for it? PCI videos that might help

One of the things that Union does, in fact the main thing, is to train people for ordination as ministers of PCI. A lot of that involves theological study and practical training, and the essential and organic integration of the two. Hand-in-hand with that, there are many conversations with people who are seeking the Lord’s will for their life. We often share with people who are exploring how the Lord is leading them, and want to understand more of what it means to be called to ordained ministry, and how that call can be pursued and tested. 

For some people, this is a process that takes a number of years to work through, with many conversations, much prayer, and input from College, congregations, family and friends. For others, it can be something that is worked through much more quickly. All of it simply depends on how the Lord leads. 

In every case, it is something that we are thrilled to play a part in. There can be few things more satisfying than being able to walk with people who are exploring the Lord’s will for their lives. To be allowed to witness God’s leading, and see how He entrusts and develops gifts in the lives of people who are, and continue to be, very ordinary, is a cause of great rejoicing. To have the privilege of being able to observe how God shapes the lives and characters of people for service in His Church, and see that worked out in congregations and elsewhere, is truly wonderful. 

With all of that in mind, it’s very easy to whole-heartedly encourage anyone who would like to find out more about serving God as a minister of word and sacrament in PCI, to get in touch. Please feel free to contact me at, or on 028 90205080. I’ll be very happy to help in any way.

PCI has recently produced three short films to encourage people to consider whether God is calling them into Ordained Ministry - the films are available here.

Being a minister

This short film gives a brief insight into what it’s like to ‘be a minister’. This film is for people, both men and women are eligible for ordination in PCI on an equal basis, who might be thinking about whether the Lord is calling them to be a minister of word and sacrament.

While not the main emphasis, it could also be shown to kirk sessions and at worship services, to help church leaders and members see how they might personally encourage someone to think about whether God is calling them to ordained ministry.

Be an encourager

This tells the personal experience of one person who became a minister. It shows how ministers, elders, other church leaders and members can identify people they know whom they believe may have the gifting to become a minister of word and sacrament. They can then encourage such men and women to develop that gifting, and explore whether God is calling them to serve Him in this way.

This film is most suitable for showing to kirk sessions and congregations

There’s more to a minister | Animation

This animation is designed for sharing with young people as individuals or in groups such as Youth Fellowships. It gives a quick overview of the various things a minister does.

Rev Dr David Allen

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Rev Dr David Allen

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