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Queen’s University Belfast participates in the Erasmus scheme, a programme allowing students to earn part of their degree at partner institutions around Europe. 

Union College enjoys a partnership with colleges in Hungary and the Netherlands and Theology students are welcomed at the Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Budapest (KGE) and at the Protestant Theological University, Kampen (TUK).

Kampen University
Kampen University

The opportunity to study in either Budapest or Kampen for one semester is open to all students studying for a QUB degree at Union. Students typically travel in their second year of studies, receiving full credit for the semester away as part of their QUB degree.

To read more about each of these programmes, follow the links below.

To find out more about Erasmus:  Visit the QUB Erasmus webpages

To discuss your options or receive further information on what is involved, please contact Prof. Campbell.


Budapest is Hungary’s capital city, beautifully situated on either side of the River Danube. Its population is about the same as that of all of Northern Ireland (1.8 million). The city has a grand imperial past—when Austria–Hungary was a major European power—and today, its Castle, spa & baths, Parliament, markets, and cafés or restaurants are among the many things sought out by tourists.

Kàroli Gàspàr University (KGE) is one of several training institutions of the Reformed Church in Hungary. The Presbyterian Church in Ireland shares longstanding fraternal links with its sister Reformed denomination in Hungary – some PCI congregations even have twinning arrangements with Hungarian counterparts.



While tuition is available in English, Hungarian is spoken and so a semester in Budapest is also a unique opportunity to acquire some Hungarian. The best way to profit from Hungarian culture is to speak, read, and write a little of the language. KGE offers incoming students beginners’ courses in Hungarian Language and Culture and survival Hungarian.

For a flavour of KGE: Visit the College’s English webpages


Kampen is a small but vibrant Dutch city of around 35,000 inhabitants on the river Ijssel, in the central Netherlands. In the fifteenth century, it was a powerful commercial city in the Hanseatic League. Today, Kampen remains an interesting and beautiful place to live or study. Tourists enjoy exploring the waterfront, historic centre with 700 listed buildings, sports and leisure facilities, shops and cafés.

Theological University, Kampen (TUK) is the training institution of the Free Reformed Churches in the Netherlands. As such, it is a gateway into continental Reformed Theology, and into the rich Dutch Reformed tradition represented by influential theologians such as Bavinck, Dooyeweerd or Kuyper.



Tuition is available in English at TUK. The college also has very good English language resources accessible through its well–stocked library. While staff and students will be able to speak to you in English, a semester in Kampen is also a good opportunity to learn to speak, read and write some Dutch.