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Richard Smith was born in Ballymena where he lives to this day.  Having been inspired by the mathematical writings of Bertrand Russell, Alfred North Whitehead, Alan Turing and Gottlob Frege, Richard signed up for a BSc in Pure Mathematics and Computer Science at Queens University Belfast, slowly realising that he should have signed up for Analytic Philosophy instead.  This was quickly remedied with an MA and MPhil in Philosophy at Queens, writing his research dissertation in the Problem of Evil.  Wishing to fill out his interest in philosophy of religion, by learning at the feet of great theological mastery, he studied an MDiv at Union Theological College.

Philosophe extraordinairebon vivant and general man about town, Richard is all of these things or none of these things (hint: PvQ, ˥P Ⱶ Q).   He is married to Joanne and is a member of High Kirk Presbyterian Church.  Richard has worked in Simon Community homeless hostels for the last ten years, most recently in Larne and Ballymena as an Accommodation and Community Support Worker.