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Ministry training pathway

The Ministry Training Pathway at Union College is designed as an integrated course of professional training for ministry.

Presbyterian Theological Faculty Ireland



The main requirements are: 

  • 3 course units from each of Old Testament, New Testament, and Church History;
  • 2 units of Systematic Theology, together with Ministry seminars on Westminster Confession, Ethics, and Apologetics;
  • 2 units in Practical Theology, plus Preaching and Pastoral workshops and Ministry seminars
  • An introductory language unit covering both Biblical Hebrew and New Testament Greek.
  • 2 Summer placements – ie 2 summer placements and a final year placement

In addition, PCI Ministry students are expected to attend and participate in Ministry Formation events, including the annual pre–term Study Week and Retreat, weekly College Worship, weekly year–group fellowship meetings, and weekly two–hour Ministry Formation seminars on Fridays.

The Ministry Training Pathway is designed so that it can be taken as a stand–alone programme (leading to Postgraduate Diploma in Ministry).

 A personalised pathway description is normally given to each student at the beginning of each year.