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If you are a prospective student, please feel free to explore the site so that you get a good idea of what it’s like to be a student at Union College, and the range of options that are open to you. Look especially at what Union students say about their experience and check out the section on our homepage “Why Study at Union”. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

If you are a current student at Union, you will find lots of information here about your programme of study, module options, course requirements and assessment, as well as additional opportunities available to you so that you can develop all your gifts and abilities during your time at Union.

In recent years, the facilities at Union College have been greatly enhanced in order to support students in their learning and personal development. Our historic College building has undergone a major renovation of the exterior stonework. Some internal changes to the structure of the building and office accommodation have also been made which will make the building more accessible to everyone.

College life is fundamentally about people, those who teach and those who learn, and the friendships formed at this stage can often last a lifetime. I trust that as a new or continuing student, you will make many new friends and strengthen existing friendships by engaging fully in the life of the College. Informal conversation and interaction outside the classroom can be as important in our personal growth and development as the formal courses of study. That’s why the 11 am coffee break each day is such an important time!

Gordon Campbell



Why choose Union?

Module choice - An undergraduate degree consists of 18 modules. Union offers over 25 different modules for undergraduates, providing an excellent choice for our students.

Library - The Gamble Library at Union is the best theological library in Northern Ireland. It contains over 63,000 books, more than 20,000 pamphlets, taking 55 theological periodicals annually, plus several online resources.

Faculty - We have a faculty of three full-time professors, a Senior Lecturer and Lecturer in Biblical Studies, a Lecturer in Historical Theology and a Lecturer in Practical Theology plus several part-time lecturers and staff, offering a wide range of specialist expertise.

Location - We are situated beside the main Queen’s campus, in the centre of the Queen’s quarter, fifteen minutes from the centre of Belfast.