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Guidelines for Library Users

  • Registered borrowers, including undergraduate and taught postgraduate students, may borrow up to 8 books at any one time on 4-week loan using the electronic issue system.  They may be recalled after a week if required by another reader. Loans may be renewed in person, by letter, email, or by telephone (028 9020 5093).
  • Union College postgraduate research students may borrow up to 16 books at any one time on 12-week loan.
  • Union College staff may borrow up to 24 books at any one time on 12-week loan.
  • Undergraduates or taught postgraduates may additionally borrow 2 books at any one time from the short loan or 7 day book collections.
  • A fine may be charged for overdue books.
  • Reference works, periodicals and old or rare books may not normally be borrowed. In order to consult special collections not stored in the main Library, please email the Librarian, or phone the Library in advance in order to arrange a suitable viewing time.
  • Readers must not write on, deface or otherwise damage books and other Library materials.
  • Library users losing, defacing or otherwise damaging books and other Library materials will be required to pay the full cost of replacement or repair.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted in the Library (except for water in screw-top bottles, with tops removed only while actually drinking).
  • All mobile phones must be turned off or set to silent in the Library. Readers should not talk on mobile phones anywhere within the Library area.

The following points should be carefully noted by out-of-hours users:-

  • Only Union Theological College students may use extended hours.
  • Guests are not permitted.
  • You must not enter or stay in the Library after 9.00 pm (last entry 8.45 pm). If you do you will set off the alarm!
  • You must not take books out of the Library (even for a brief period) without borrowing them according to the proper procedure.
  • Food and drink must not be consumed in the Library (except for water in screw-top bottles, as above).
  • Library users may use the Students’ Common Room but should not enter areas of the College reserved for residents (unless of course invited as a guest of a resident). Library users should respect the privacy of residents and noise should be avoided when coming or going.
  • Library users must comply with any instructions given to them by the College Sub-warden on duty (or member of College staff).
  • The College operates a no-alcohol, no-smoking policy.