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Doctoral Programme (PhD)

Union Theological College offers both an academic doctoral programme and a ministry doctoral programme through PTFI. There are no residential requirements. Please contact us to discuss your programme

This course is no longer available through Queen’s University Belfast. Please contact Union College directly for more information on available courses.


years full time or up to


years part time

Presbyterian Theological Faculty Ireland



The research strategy of the Institute of Theology aims to offer Doctoral supervision across a wide range of theological disciplines. In addition to the historical and textual bases upon which successful PhD theses are focused, the Institute has expanded its research activities in the field of missiological and pastoral theology. Recent students successfully supervised within the Institute have come from within the UK and abroad.

Mode of study/duration

Registration is on a full–time or part–time basis, under the direction of a supervisory team appointed by the University. You will be expected to submit your thesis at the end of three years of full–time registration for PhD, or two years for MPhil (or part–time equivalent).